Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some great images from Bart Morris

Our good friend in Virginia Bart Morris sent these photos he shot of Janice and I. We spent a great weekend with Bart and his wife Kate back in November of 2007 in Baltimore. Baltimore has a surprising amount of great stuff to see, and the crab eating is truly spectacular. The shot of Ratso is from last year when Bart came visiting. Thanks for sharing, Bart!


  1. Hi Janice:

    I love your blog and I wanted to send you a note to tell you that I am thinking of you.

    I hope you received the miniature painting of northern india.

    Carinos, Roxana

  2. janice and jon
    I hope today is a woderful day for the both of you


  3. Dear Janice & Jon,
    Sending big Montana hugs. Hope today is a good day for you both.
    Diane Teske Harris

  4. Hi Janice and Jon, Seeing the picture of Ratso reminded me of how I'm greeted at my front door everyday by "Dusty" the wonderful pitbull you got me on my birthday. You got Dusty to help me over my phobia of large agressive dogs worked. Thanks again for being so thoughtful and of coarse clever..Dusty never barks or needs to go to the bathroom or needs to be fed. One of the many virtues of a ceramic dog. I would recommend one for every household.

    Wishing you another one of those really good days. Thinking of you every day. Love Gil

  5. Hi Janice and Jon,
    Fanboy here checkin'-in. I see and feel your art in my house everyday. I think of you both everyday. You are both in my thoughts and prayers... everyday.
    Love Ron