Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Janice and Ratso making each other feel better


  1. Janice...

    I have to confess that you are one of the reasons I always looked forward to the CD conferences. I LOVED talking to you. That whole Bohemian/Hippy/Artist thing is something that enchants me. (Sorry Jon...I love you too, but, hey, you're a guy)'s taken me several weeks to figure out how to post a reply. I'm going to see if this works.

    A ton of affection

    Tom jordan

  2. Janice, I don't know you but found you via a blog via a blog, the wonderful way things happen on the net. I recently colored MY hair the same copper penny color of yours and it's nice to see someone with a color that matches her personality. I wish you peace and joy in each of your days. You seem to realize the joy is in the journey. Digital hugs...Maureen

  3. "Out of the fire like Catholic saints…

    …Beauty and madness to be praised
    'Cause it is not easy to be brave…

    …Out of the fire and still smoldering
    She says "A woman must have everything"
    Shades of Scarlett Conquering
    She says "A woman must have everything"

    When I saw this photo I could hear the resonant notes of a piano.

    From Joni to me to you,



  4. Catherine and I are thinking about you guys (Ratso too, of course). Janice, you are a huge inspiration (in a little package) on my trying to lead a creative life. Thank you so much. Much love from NYC.