Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cancer is messy

Jon again. So much has happened since my last post on Friday. I had planned on taking you all on a leisurely recap of Janice's treatments over the past six months and get you caught up to the present in a few days of postings. But cancer has other plans for us, and has decided to start accelerating it's presence in our lives.

Last Saturday morning, very early, Janice woke up and was having exceptional difficulty catching her breath. She is a life long asthmatic, and certainly stressful situations can bring on more serious attacks. I was having a tough time getting enough of her inhalant into her lungs, so for the first time in my life I called 911. The paramedics showed up, got her stabilized, and then she was rushed to emergency at St. Joseph Hospital. They continued to give her oxygen and asthma treatments, and within a very short time she was smiling, happy, alert, breathing normally and asking me to get her eggs, french toast, fresh fruit, the works. What a great sign.

One of Janice's oldest and dearest friends Katy Jo has arrived and is staying with us right now. She and I headed to the St. Joe's cafeteria to get Janice some breakfast and we ran into the emergency room doctor that was treating her. I had mentioned to him when she was admitted that she had some very tiny traces of cancer in her lungs that her oncologist had said were still very insignificant in size as of last week. The doctor had done a chest x ray in the emergency room, and told us that that was no longer the case. Her cancer has now spread significantly into her lungs, and was the reason her breathing is more difficult.

I returned to her room with the doctor and her breakfast and told her the news. Janice seemed to take it all in a kind of zen like way, that this is just the natural progression of things. She then proceeded to put a huge dent in that breakfast.

Her spirit and strength continue to shine like the brightest of beacons.


  1. I will keep inscence burning for you my friends
    Deepest Gassho

  2. We appreciate you sharing your brave journey. You are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. Raquel and Angie. (Joseph and Chela's kids) xoxoxo

  3. Dear Janice, you are in our thoughts. We are sending all good wishes your way for your inner and outer strength. Your beautiful spirit is shining through your illness and you continue to inspire us. - Sandy, Bob, Sean and Daniel Muleady

  4. Dear Janice, I have thought about you alot, and my thoughts have been filled with love, compassion and sadness. My mother died in May and so I have been exploring this whole death thing. My thoughts to you are trust in the universal love and go into the light. To all of your loved one, trust in the love you have shared and that all will be well. Reach out to each other.
    Janice, my regret is that we only starting interacting a few years ago. Your artwork has always delighted me and I feel a soft and fond feeling for you. Love and peace to you and all your family. Sincerely, Connie Sasso

  5. Hi Janice. First I must say how good it is to see your work every time I visit your blog. Since so many are thinking good thoughts for you and wondering how you are feeling every day, I am glad to have your site to come to. I wish you a good day. Susan XO

  6. Dear Jon and Janice - Thank you for taking the time to keep all of us informed. From medical reports to photos of your journeys and family.
    We are with you in mind and spirit. Loved the trip photos. Even though we don't see you often, we go back a long way and are so much richer for having both of you in our lives. All our love - Marcia & Gibson