Thursday, September 17, 2009

Here is a posting from Diane Harris

After the bombing of Hiroshima a Japanese girl developed leukemia from the radiation and spent her time in a nursing home folding paper cranes in hope of making 1000, which traditionally would have allowed her to make one wish, which was to live. However, she only managed to fold 644 cranes before she became too weak to fold one more, and died shortly after. Her friends folded the remaining cranes for her. The origami crane is now a symbol of world peace in Japan. In the Hiroshima Peace Park there’s a shrine to this girl. School children daily bring 1000 crane bundles as well as art work made from 1000 cranes, which is displayed at the shrine.

Attached are some pictures I took while we were there last spring and in 2003. In one is the offering I brought in 2003, a small laminated print of a piece of my angel art.

I love that you are surrounded by colorful cranes!!!


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