Friday, September 18, 2009

Janice to be featured in the November issue of Smithsonian Magazine

Not all of the news we received this August was grim. In fact, when Smithsonian magazine contacted Janice and let her know they wanted to write an article about her journals, well, that was really a high water mark. It is always especially gratifying when a magazine that you have subscribed to and enjoyed for many years calls out of the blue and says they want you to be a part of it.

Making it even sweeter was the fact that Owen Edwards wanted to write it. Owen has been writing about artists and photographers for many, many years, and in particular has written extensively about Peter Beard, an artist and journal maker that Janice has admired for years. Once again, here was a writer whose work Janice already owned, and he wanted to write about her! Very gratifying indeed.

Janice gave Owen a long telephone interview, and sent him one of her very special packets of goodies to inspire him. The results will be published this November, so be sure and pick up a copy.

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  1. congratulations babe ! it's always been one of my favorite magazines. as a little girl i would take my parents copies of Smithsonian & National Geographic & cuddle up in my favorite princess chair. this particular chair was located in the formal living room ( we rarely went in this room, much less used it for living ) the chair was a light lavender velvet. i always felt it was a magical chair & to spend an hour or two curled up with all these fantastical images was wonderful... i can't wait to curl up in our opium bed (my now-a-day princess retreat) and lose myself in your & peace & dreams of turquoise castles nancy from the loft xo xo xo x