Sunday, September 6, 2009

Janice journaling at Sterling Castle

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  1. I can honestly say Janice was my greatest personal inspiration on so many levels. Janice did whatever she needed to express however she desired. She never sold out, she never gave up, she never held her art as too precious to share, she was quick to apologize, so very quick to give and love.
    She was always so incredibly grateful to SEEDS for the opportunities and she constantly reminded us. Each time she bumped into us, (you know her technique of ramming right into you and walking past you with that huge darling smile of her's?) we would ended up spending the day in her studios, talking and laughing and rifling through her drawers! It is a huge loss for we were designing our next exhibit around her artworks. I was all excited to place the comic books in a "Janice box" where people could casually picked up to read...then watch their eyes as the were hit with Janice's great humor and stories. Dang I will miss the stories and the updates about the family and life. Although I am greatly saddened to miss the amazing experience that her memorial will be, I know that we will continue to memorialize Janice through her art -her voice lives on through her art.
    love, denise