Monday, September 28, 2009

Memorial Service for Janice set for Saturday, October 10

Hello friends, it's Jon.

There will be a memorial service for Janice at The Episcopal Church of the Messiah, 614 N. Bush Street, Santa Ana, 92701 at 2 PM on Saturday, October the 10th. We will have a reception celebrating Janice's life at our home in North Tustin immediately following. La Chiquita, one of Janice's all time favorite Mexican restaurants will be catering. Margaritas, cervesas, and sharing stories about Janice will be the order of the day.

The church is a beautiful building, built in 1888. We have had a long association with it and Father Brad from the many years we lived in French Park. Our son Kevin married Monica there, and two of our grandchildren were baptised there as well. Janice was on the volunteer board for Helping Hands, one of several outreach programs sponsored by the church.

Parking at the church, and at our home is somewhat limited. I would suggest that if you can carpool with friends, so much the better.

We will look forward to celebrating with you all then.

Peace be with you-


You can get directions to the church at their website,
We will provide driving directions and a map to our home at the church.


  1. We love you, Jon. We'll be there.

    Sandy, Bob, Sean, Daniel

  2. Let us know if there is something we can do or bring. - Marcia & Gibson

  3. Please log on to:
    to view a digital copy of Janice's book that she made for the 10th Anniversary exhibition at Grand Central Art Center. They sold out. I thought we should post it because it is really something special.

    Enjoy it!
    Best, Andrea

  4. Jon, I just wanted to say that we really wanted to be there for you and your family at the service. But, it has been scheduled at the same time as Amy's wedding. It hurts us to say that we will be unable to attend. We had wanted to pay our respects and celebrate her life with you all. I am not sure if others will attend from GCAC but we all send our best to you. Janice was very dear to all at GCAC.

    I hope we can get together another time when you are up for it. We will have you in our thoughts. If you need anything let us know and we would be happy to help in advance of the service.

    I posted Janice's book online and can get you a copy on CD for your guests if you would like. Big hug to you and to all who loved Janice!


  5. Jon,

    Thanks for keeping the Janice Blog alive and well.

    I know Peanut will help to keep the home fires burning with Cowboy Songs.

    You talk about Janice stories and I have one to tell early.

    We were at Woody's Wigwam last Sunday night - most of Peanut - sitting outside around the table, thinking good thoughts of Janice, but saddened. It was a beautiful night.

    Then, Christiane got a call on her cell phone at about 7:30 p m. The little screen on the phone popped up with the caller's name - " Janice ". Well, Christiane's heart hopped a beat . . . tentatively answering the phone . . .

    It was Kari, using Janice's phone to get out the news that Janice had headed off to the Big Roundup in the Sky.

    I can just bet Janice was laughing herself silly.

    Be well Jonny, see you soon.

  6. Andrea-

    Thanks for posting Janice's book. Many people have asked me about it, and since she only made a few of them, this is a great way for folks to get to see it.

    So sorry about the conflict with Amy's wedding. Janice and I had both planned to be there instead of her memorial service, but the cowboy had other plans for her.

    My best to you all, and a big congrats to Amy and Kevin.