Monday, November 23, 2009

Janice's friend Julia needs your support

Janice met Julia Beers almost immediately after moving to California in 1976. Son Kevin was enrolled into Kindergarten, and when Janice went to the new parent orientation, there was Kevin's new teacher Julia. The two creative, gregarious earth mothers with their giant hearts and dreaming spirits immediately connected, and Julia remained one of Janice's closest friends until the day she died.

Nearly 20 years ago, Julia was diagnosed with breast cancer and not given much hope for recovery. But Julia is a resilient soul. She beat the disease and has remained cancer free all these years.

But life has played it's cruel tricks. Cristoph, her husband at the time was to be stricken with cancer himself shortly after Julia was and died a few short years later. Julia was single for many years, but this September she became a newlywed to Jim Kelly, and they are happily head over heels in love.

Having just returned from their honeymoon, Julia was not feeling well, and was taken to the hospital. Doctors discovered a large cancerous tumor in her skull pressing against her left frontal lobe, and it was surgically removed this past Friday.

At this point, they are awaiting the results of a biopsy to see just what it is they are up against. It is definitely serious, but Julia is hopeful, and as always, a fighter.

Chances are, if you are a friend of Janice's, you are probably a friend of Julia's too. Her friends have set up a website to keep everyone posted, as well as give people the opportunity to send Julia their love and support. And this is where you come in.

It certainly made a big difference to Janice and I to know so many people out there were caring for us, and I would ask you to do the same for Julia. You can access her site at:

She and her family would love to hear from you.

Much love,

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  1. Jon,

    I just read the entry to Julia and she replied “ Thank Jon ever so much!” It has generated numerous greetings on Caringbridge. Hope you and your family are well.