Saturday, October 31, 2009

Janice to be featured at Bowers Museum Day of the Dead celebration

Janice had many friends and admirers who work at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, and they have chosen to honor her at this years Day of the Dead celebration. Genevieve Barrios-Southgate has been constructing Day of the Dead altars (or "ofrendas") for about 15 years, and has done one for Janice in the front lobby of the Bowers. I went there yesterday for it's installation, and loaned Genevieve a number of Janice's personal affects for the altar. It's really beautiful, and something Janice would have loved. It combines her long love affair with traditional Mexican art with her long love affair with the Bowers, and I am so pleased that it has happened for her.

The offrenda will be up at the Bowers only until Tuesday, November 3rd. It will then be moved over to the Santora Building in the Santa Ana Artist's Village as part of the first Saturday Art Walk and Day of the Dead celebration on Saturday, November 7th.

I hope you will get a chance to see it at one of these locations. Here is a link to the Bower's website that mentions Janice:

Thanks again to Nancy and everyone else at the Bowers that knew and loved Janice.

Happy Day of the Dead-

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  1. I just left the Bowers Museum and was moved to tears by the beautiful oferenda constructed for the artist, Janice Lowry. Many people were at the Bowers today celebrating El Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. In the courtyard of the museum there was music, food and the laughter of many people enjoying the beautiful day. Just inside the museum doors was the shrine to Janice. People were stopping to look at all the shrine, all the details, commenting on the life of this artist and taking photos. It was a detailed and personal tribute to a woman I've never met, but after visiting her shrine today, I somehow, feel like know.