Sunday, December 13, 2009

New interview with Janice from Where Women Create sessions

Jo Packham, who published the beautiful interview with Janice in the current issue of Where Women Create also does an e-newsletter. This weeks issue features an antidote from Janice that was not published in the magazine, and Jo has shared it with us here.

It is so, so Janice. I think you will really enjoy it. Here is a link to the story:

The painting Janice is talking about in the interview is now in the collection of her oldest son Brandon and his wife Carri. A few weeks before Janice died, she made one last visit to her studio with me and all of our children and their wives. They each got to choose one piece, and Carri chose that painting. Janice had always refused to sell it, since it was one that gave her so much courage to keep fighting her fears. And in the end, she never did sell it-she gave it away to the next person she thought might be needing it.



  1. hi Jon - I loved the "where women create" article on Janice.
    I often close the bathroom door in my all boy household for a little peace. I now realize I need something to draw strength from.

  2. I had a Janice-filled day today. I went for a run early this morning and one of the songs that played on my iPod was called "Don't Be Scared". Later, on my way to work, I was struck with a happy memory - I remember when I first met you Gotholds in 2003, I had been dating Brent for just a few weeks and I went to Christmas Eve (?) at your house in French Park. I was in love with the crystal web Janice had woven in the front window - and there she was with a big grin and a wrapped gift for me, even though I'd only met her a few weeks prior. I will always treasure the memory of Janice's incredible warmth and generosity. She is so missed.

    I know that the holidays will be really hard this year but I hope that you will all find comfort and peace in one another. Merry Christmas, Jon.


  3. I just read it Jon! Incredibly moving and inspiring. Thank you for sharing janice with us.

    Best Regards, Paulina