Friday, August 28, 2009

Did you really start this blog back in April?

This is Jon again. You might have noticed that there was quite a gap from when we originally started on this blog to when you actually got notification about it. I thought I should explain that a bit, and also let you know what has been going on for the past few months in terms of her treatments.
We first got the news about Janice's cancer in April of 2009. We contacted her long time friend and web master, Charles Wolfe and asked him to get a blog set up for us. Charles got on it immediately, and then it was our turn to start posting. To be perfectly honest, we just couldn't do it then. The news was too new, too raw, just too hard to talk about. We brought our children in on it, and then the rest of our families, and kind of tried to work through it as a family for a while, and that took some time to process. Now feels more like the time to go broader with the news, so here we are. I trust you will understand and bear with us.


  1. Dearest Janice,

    Well, while this is not an ideal way to reach out, I am a bit helpless as to what else to do and trust this reaches you somehow and somewhere.

    It is August 29 and I am trying to play music and I Am Blue . . . the Lads should be by soon and I hope that gets me up a bit.

    I hope you can hear us in the background, we're they're playing for you:

    - Woody, Blind Muffin and Me.

    The Song List is amazingly prophetic:

    - Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain
    - Old Shoes and Picture Postcards
    - I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome

    Along with a few nuggets:
    - Cuckoo's Nest
    - Can't Buy Me Love

    Nik, Christiane and I all wanted to stop by this week . . . alas . . .

    So I am still at a loss but I hope this finds you at Peace.


  2. john,

    where do you get your strength from?


  3. For the last two nights I have been tossing and turning. Hoping you are not in pain. Trusting you are surrounded by love. Thinking of you & Jon and hoping that thoughts and prayers transmit to where you are.